Our Story

Let me weave a tale inspired by the vibrant spirit of NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD:


In the heart of Covent Garden, where the air hums with creativity and the streets pulse with life, there exists a dynamic force—the NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD. Established in the year 2022, this private limited company emerged like a comet streaking across the London sky, leaving a trail of innovation and excellence in its wake.

Genesis and Vision

The visionary at the helm, envisioned a company that transcended boundaries—a hub where services converged, and dreams took flight. Armed with determination and a registration number, NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD set sail on an odyssey that would redefine sectors and elevate standards.

The Multifaceted Canvas

NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD painted its canvas with a diverse palette of services:

  1. Pre-press and Pre-media Services: Their expert team meticulously prepared content, ensuring it was not just ready for print but primed for success. Words and images danced harmoniously, awaiting their grand debut.
  2. Retail Sale: Talbiseh Electronics Shop, their online emporium, beckoned customers from every corner of the globe. Gadgets, electronics, and cutting-edge wonders were just a click away.
  3. Freight Air Transport: Across continents, their wings spanned—swift, reliable, and efficient. Goods embarked on a journey, crisscrossing skies, bridging distances, and arriving at their destinations with unwavering precision.
  4. Accounting and Auditing: Trust was their currency. Businesses sought refuge in their meticulous records, compliant declarations, and financial guardianship. The numbers whispered secrets, and NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD listened intently.

The Digital Constellation

NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD didn’t confine itself to brick-and-mortar. Their digital footprints spanned galaxies:

  • Global Reach: Amazon, eBay, Etsy—their presence echoed across virtual marketplaces. Customers, regardless of longitude or latitude, found solace in their offerings. Quality transcended borders.
  • Local Focus: Alzaiem Store, tailored for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Libya, wasn’t just a store—it was a cultural bridge. Local preferences met global standards, and shopping became an intimate affair.
  • Education: Knowledge was their beacon. Aspiring marketers flocked to their online marketing courses, hungry for insights, skills, and the magic of pixels. The digital realm pulsed with curiosity.
  • Engagement: YouTube—the amphitheater of ideas. Here, NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD shared wisdom, tips, and industry updates. A community blossomed—one pixel at a time.
  • Financial Services: The labyrinth of taxes, accounts, and declarations—NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD held the torch. Compliance was their anthem, and peace of mind their gift.

The Invitation

Dear dreamer, entrepreneur, seeker of excellence—NOMAN TRADE AND SERVICES LTD extends an invitation. Join their voyage. Witness innovation unfurl, standards reshape, and horizons expand. Be part of a story where every service rendered is a brushstroke on the canvas of progress.

And so, under the London sky, Abdul Rahman Alsaiad signs each letter with hope, ink, and a promise: “Sincerely, Noman Trade and Services LTD.”

May your journey be as vibrant as the streets of Covent Garden, and your dreams as boundless as the digital constellations. 

Note: The story is a fictional creation inspired by the provided information. Any resemblance to real events or individuals is purely coincidental.

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